So I watched ‘Chronicle’ today and I absolutely loved it and I just had to draw them.

and… I think I’m going to draw some more of them for a while :Y

Can’t really call this a ‘fanart’ since this was just a practice drawing their faces;;

BoomBoom from X-Men

I just gave her whatever outfit that I felt like drawing.


I seriously loved this show as a kid.

Number 3 and 4’s cute love stories were the best.

I gave Number 1 shaved hair because I wasn’t sure if he was completely bald or not.

Asagi & Torako from ‘Yotsuba &’!

I secretly ship them but seems like hardly anyone does *sob*

Anyone out there who agrees with these two…? ;O;



I regret nothing :I

My first post on tumblr….!

South Park boys